miercuri, 29 iunie 2011

AMD launches chipset ASUS motherboards 9

ASUS launches in Europe chipset motherboards with AMD 9. New motherboard, equipped with chipsets supporting AMD processors 990FX/990X/970 and AM3 +, were the first fully compatible with the AM3 + CPUs. Series models are available M5A99/97, TUF Sabertooth 990FX and Crosshair Formula V.

M5A99/97 Series Intelligent Dual benefit Processors (DIP), which combines TurboV Processor Unit (TPU) and Energy Processor Unit (EPU). Premium models also include, UEFI BIOS and the second generation with DIGI + VRM DIP (Digital mode power supply), the first of its kind on an AMD board. The new motherboards are the first AMD-based chipsets that will support both AMD CrossFireX and NVIDIA SLI.

Sabertooth 990FX is the latest model added TUF series, is the first chip based on AMD. Recognized for unsurpassed quality and reliability in extreme conditions, Sabertooth 990FX motherboard uses Ceram! X, an exclusive material used in aerospace, surface cooling with a 50% higher, which effectively removes heat from critical components of the system. 

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  1. These motherboards are worth it, I recommend it to everyone.

  2. i've always been satisfied with my amd motherboards

  3. I just bought one of these, no joke. They are really great.