vineri, 1 iulie 2011

GeForce GTX 580M

NVIDIA GeForce GTX Currently 580M is the fastest GPU for notebooks (GPU). Available integrated into Alienware M18x notebook, the new GPU sets new performance standards for existing games.

"The best support for games. Best gaming functions. The highest performance available in the game. This is the essence of GPU GeForce GTX 580M, "said Rene Haas, general manager of notebook products, NVIDIA. "With such specifiicaţii, you can enjoy the best of the best experience."
The first system that will use the notebook GPU GeForce GTX 580M notebook Alienware M18x is offering the opportunity to integrate two 580M GTX GPUs in one system, thus doubling the performance in games, thanks to NVIDIA SLI. In addition, Alienware m17x system unit 580M GeForce GTX will be available with NVIDIA Optimus offering 5 hours of battery autonomy for browsing Facebook and performance of 100 frames per second in game Call of Duty: Black Ops .

"Gaming enthusiasts want to enjoy the gaming experience at the highest settings," said Eddy Goyanes, product marketing manager, Alienware. "Alienware brings technology designed to provide them with support. By launching the new unit 580M GeForce GTX notebook Alienware m17x, and availability option for two video cards on the model M18x, Alienware provides the highest quality gaming experience. "

GeForce GTX 580M GPUs are the fastest notebook GPUs for Microsoft DirectX 11 compliant, providing performance Tessellation six times higher than any other GPU for notebooks.
In addition, they are more efficient due to a 20% increase in performance per watt ratio compared to the previous generation.

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  1. God, if only I could afford one.

  2. I ready to throw down for a beefy laptop. I just hope this doesn't have the Alienware tax on it.

  3. Nice post, but even if I could afford a M18x, I don't think I'd get one - 18 inch screen is way too big for a laptop imo, probably weighs a ton.

  4. 18 inch screen like a boss you mean. Go into starbucks and bust that badboy out. Swipe the douchebags notebooks off the table and slap on your coolface.

    Damn that machine is a beast.

  5. and it costs...wait for it...